Host institution

The EAIE wishes to thank its host institution Aix-Marseille University (AMU), for its generous support of the 2017 Spring Academy.

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) is the largest French speaking university due to the number of students, number of employees and budget. AMU is an institution of higher education and a research of excellence. AMU offers degrees in all the disciplines available for study in France: art, humanities, languages and social sciences, law and political science, economics and management, health, and science and technology.

Fortified by intensive research led in collaboration with the greatest institutions, AMU has been certified “Initiative for Excellence” in April 2016. Education, research, course choice, interdisciplinarity, and the promotion of knowledge are the foundations of this university and its international reputation.

The university has a worldwide influence and is present in every continent. It promotes an ambitious international policy that benefits research, innovation, and education. Thanks to its strong Euro-Mediterranean identity, AMU is the founding member of the consortium Thethys and contributes to bilateral European networks (UFA, UFI), and to the principal community action programs (Erasmus+, Jean Monnet, Horizon 2020). Since 2016, the university has a permanent representative office in Brussels, exceptional in the French higher education landscape.

Key figures

  • 76,000 students   
  • 10,000 international students
  • 12 Doctoral schools with 3,400 degrees
  • 5 campuses
  • 58 locations
  • 8,000 employees
  • 19 faculties
  • €750m budget
  • 130 research structures  
  • 130 student clubs
  • 6 education and research fields
  • 1 long-term Initiative of Excellence Project (IDEX)
  • 2,000 mobility students (supervised programs)
  • 300 international cooperation agreements
  • 367 Erasmus+ partners involved in 697 Erasmus+ agreements
  • 5 Erasmus Mundus
  • 33 degrees in international partnerships